Monday, November 19, 2007

Trail Orientations Remind Us to be Thankful

This past Saturday we held a another trail orientation walk. The weather was cool and our turn out a little smaller (13 vs 18 last month) but everyone had a good time. One family from Auburn came with their small boys who were good sports and especially liked getting a souvenir of beaver chewed sticks. Another couple have just retired here to Gray and wanted to explore all aspects of their new town. Our small group gave us all a chance to casually stroll the trails and learn a little bit about our fellow walkers. We even got a trail volunteer to help me clear some brush this week.

Sometimes when I get to the parking lot early before the walk, I wonder how many folks will come and how valuable they will find the tour. Then close to departure time cars always show up and the walk gets started. After we get about an hour into the walk, the group always starts to relax and you start to see people really enjoying the trails and the woods around them.

For the past eight years lots of effort has gone into making this recreation site a reality and many times it seems like its future may be uncertain. However, once you see how excited people get when they discover they have a great recreation space so close to their homes it makes all the work seem worthwhile! I tell everyone on the walk that all we ask is they tell at least one other person about their experience on Libby Hill. If you are one of those who haven't discovered what Libby Hill is, please join us at a future event or call us me (Steve McPike) at 657-2114 to arrange a guided tour. Of course you can always explore on your own by downloading our trail guides or maps at our web site

So in this week of thanks, I thank the generous land owners who donated the land, the volunteers, the support of the town, and most of all the people who enjoy the trails every day!

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