Friday, November 23, 2007

10,000 Steps Can Help You Shed Thanksgiving Guilt

Ever heard of the 10,000 step program? It's a simple exercise program that strives to get 10,000 foot steps per day. This equals about a total distance of 5 miles. You measure your progress by wearing a pedometer which tracks each step you take.

The pedometer is a great feedback device which really measures if you are the 'active'/'busy' person you really say you are. I thought I was a pretty active person when I started measuring my steps three years ago. What I found though, is that work rarely got me more than 4000 steps per day, considered sedentary and a health risk. So I found I would check my progress over the course of the day then take a 30 minute work (2000 steps) once or twice a day to increase my output. Before long I consistently got 10,000 steps a day and felt sluggish on days I missed my mark. Medical research this week, proved the value of this exercise method, showing it has significant impact on your health.

So, if you are getting up today and feeling a little bloated. Libby Hill Trails can help add some steps to your day. Here are some examples:

  • Moose Odyssey - 6,000 Steps
  • Deer Run - 1,100 Steps
  • Holmquist Hollow - 900 Steps
  • Turkey Trot - 1,100 Steps
  • Harold Libbey - 2,800 Steps
  • Outback Trail - 2,000 Steps
Shopping today on Black Friday? Consider getting a pedometer for yourself and see how much exercise you are getting rushing the sales. Think about picking up a few pedometers for your family and get them tuned into moving this winter. I'll be out on the trails this weekend adding some steps to my day, maybe I'll see you there!

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