Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Open Space Supported in Referendum

Maine voters continue to support preserving open space with approval of a 35 million dollar bond for preserving open space. Gray has put high priority on open space with its Comprehensive plans but has provided little funding to achieve this goal. Luckily the Libby, Dow, and Libbey families had the vision to use land for something other than private gain. This generosity has blossomed into the Libby Hill Forest Trails.

The trails location so close to the school provide an exceptional piece of open space. Many surrounding towns are scrambling to secure open spaces that are far removed from easy access or the school systems. As land values rise, these towns often have to spend millions of dollars to secure what little open space is available to them.

So the next time you enjoy an afternoon on the trails think about how different things could have been if no one thought about preserving open space. There are still critical open spaces at risk in Gray. So when opportunities become available to preserve them, please take an active role in retaining open space in our town.

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