Saturday, May 17, 2008

There's Always More to See!

We have lots of events coming in the next few weeks, all of which help raise money for our "Save Libby Hill Campaign". One event, our "Birds of Libby Hill" event on June 15th, spurred a pre-walk by Derek Lovitch of the Wild Bird Center in Gray. In his blog he documented that he found over 35 species of birds on his walk a few weeks ago! I was very curious on how he found so many. So the past two weeks I have been taking my binoculars and a bird book.

What I've discovered is how many different warblers are coming through the pine thickets near the cell tower and the Harold Libbey memorial! I discovered 4 species of birds just yesterday that I have never seen before (Redstart, Yellow throat, Black and White Warbler, and Magnolia Warbler) on all the trips I have made into the woods these past 5 decades! The truth is, they have been there all along but I'm just learning to better observe the wildlife that exists in the woods.

So, if you want a new experience, take a pair of binoculars and walk a little slower up the hill. Listen for birds and watch for bird activity higher up in the trees. If you take some time and observe you discover so many things that you never saw before. You also don't have to walk 5 miles to see them! Many birds are very active around the school and pond or just up the hill toward the cell tower. Make your next afternoon on the hill something different but doing a little bird watching; you won't be disappointed! And... if that gets you excited, consider joining us for the 'Birds of Libby Hill' where you can spend a few hours with Derek and learn new ways to observe wildlife. The birds are out there just waiting to see you!

Also visit our Spring 2008 Flower and Wildlife sightings to see what is blooming or visiting the trails. You can also post an entry of what you see!