Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Finding the Warblers

You've probably spent many hours in the woods. You've heard those echoing songs of birds deep in the woods. You may not have noticed that the songs have many variations, meaning there are many different types of birds, mostly warblers making these songs. In June, warblers are busy with their nests and are scattered all over the hill. Last year our bird watch hosted by Derek Lovitch of Freeport Wild Bird Supply opened my eyes to the over 40 species of birds that inhabit Libby Hill.

Now you'll see me with a pair of binoculars hanging from my neck trying to sneak a peak of one of the elusive warblers in the woods. My biggest challenge lately has been to see an oven bird. This bird is always sings...."teacher... teacher....teacher" when you are walking in the woods. Try as I might, I couldn't catch a glimpse of this bird even though I heard 4 of them in spots near the Middle School, Harold Libbey at top of hill, and near Holmquist Hollow. Then last week while walking by the old quarry I almost stepped on one that was sitting right on the trail; just waiting for me!

So, on your next stroll on the hill, keep an eye out for my friend and see if you can see him or his other friends: yellow throat, black throated blue warbler, or a dozen other species. Happy exploring!