Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring... an new time to discover

Maybe you think this is 'mud season' with big ruts in your yard and no options for fun outdoors. You may also think Libby Hill is just for winter sports when in fact you may find that is even more interesting when the snow melts! In Gray we have mostly gravel soils, this combined with slopes results in some of the fastest drying times for trails in Maine. In just the last week the Harold Libbey Trail went from snow to mostly bone dry hiking. Here are some of the things you can do in spring:

1) Get in shape for summer walking and hiking

2) Got 20 minutes? Jump out of your car and walk on Turkey Trot by the Pond, lots of birds are coming by during migration! Turtles will also be appearing on the logs in the pond, take some binoculars.

3) Learn how to Geocache (see

4) Have the kids do some Orienteering

5) Discover Vernal Pools and listen for spring peepers and frogs

6) Photograph ferns as they open

7) Look for wildflowers or ID trees with your kids using our ID map!

8) Long days mean lots of time after work to get some exercise and clear your head after a tough day at work!

9) Fly a kite at the ball field

10) Help with Spring Clean up.... we have lots of projects you can do on your own or with a group.... just ask!
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