Thursday, November 1, 2007

New Trail Underway

A new trail is taking shape on Libby Hill! The trail located beyond the brook off Harold Libbey Trail, takes a one mile loop through our most diverse woods. Maps, trail blazes, and full trial description will be available by winter. I thought I would give trail users a little preview now though so you can get a flavor for what is different about the new trail.

The topography of the new trail is driven by water. Thayer brook runs down the north side of the property and creates a valley between the main ridge of Libby Hill and a second ridge behind which constitutes the majority of this trail. As this ridge drains into the brook it cuts several grooves in the hill which are lined with rocks and boulders. These 'rock slides' combined with a burgeoning beaver population around the brook makes trail design a challenge. Luckily wide variations in elevations allows for some interesting trail features. Some of the features that are in this area are:

  • Three beaver dams to explore
  • Views of the back ridge line of Libby Hill
  • Great high viewing areas for wildlife, especially deer and moose
  • Lots of great rocks to climb
  • Exceptional old hemlocks
This trail will be for hiking, snowshoeing, and mountain biking and while not officially open you can find the trail flags off the pool area of the Harold Libbey Trail. We plan on trail clean up for this trail in November so if you would like to help, please contact Carl Holmquist at 657-2173 or Steve McPike (me) at 657-2114.

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