Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Bridge is Born!

Thanks to everyone for the effort in completing the bridgeon Harold Libbey Trail! Amazing what can get done with a lot of diesel power and many hands and “backs”. The last little touch needed to complete the bridges is a couple stepping stones to enter and exit, but for now it looks great.

Saturdays Helpers

Carl Holmquist - Chief Engineer and Back Breakerr
Wayne Wood and his tractor and trailer – Thank you!!!

For carrying the load - Mark Landry
sore back carpenter - Mark Norton
sore back assistant - Anne Gass
bracket specialist -Wayne Holmquist
Photographer and advisor - Anita Holmquist

Saturday Trail Clearing - (Steve has blazed and roughed out the trail across the brook an awesome accomplishment)Steve McPike – Don’t get a real job yet! Trail and Web extraordinaire
Joel McPike – Apprentice trail clearing technician – After 5 days will you become certified
John Keller – trail clearing technician

Sundays Workers

Tyler Holmquist – water engineer and screw specialist
Ryan Sullivan – medieval pick axe man and screw specialist(Some day I’ll teach these guys how to run a screw driver but they did a great job setting the screws with a hammer, rerouting the water and lugging the excess material out of the woods)

Thanks.....Carl Holmquist

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