Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome to the trail blog of Libby Hill Trails! We are adding this feature to our website ( to provide our trail users with more features and two way communication. This blog will appear as a frame section in our website and provide these new features:

  • Comment ability on trail articles
  • A trail usage survey (Please vote)
  • News feeds on Trail News in Maine
  • A link to our web photo album where you can post photos
  • Snow and trail groomer reports (starting winter 2008)
Let us know you are out there and what you are doing on the trails!

What to you like to do on Libby Hill?

One of the advantages of the blog format on our website is that you can provide your ideas and feedback. Libby Hill hosts lots of different recreational and educational activities and we would like to know what trail users like to do and what they might want in the future. Please leave comments with your ideas or send us photos of the trails!

Dogs and Libby Hill

Trail users enjoying dog walking is a very popular activity on the trails. Dogs recently were banned from Pineland trails and dog owners are seeking new areas to take their dogs, so Libby Hill is a popular new destination. We do recommend that you leash your pet in areas where other trail users are present, especially near the school. With lots of wildlife and many trail junctions dogs often run off from owners so make sure you have good control of your pet. Once on the trails though your dog will have a great time!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fall is a great time to be on the trails

An unbelievable warm day hitting 81 degrees today! All trails are showing glimpses of late color especially the orange of sugar maples and yellow of striped maples. Junco birds are fluttering through the undergrowth and squirrels are grabbing the abundant crop of acorns. Moose signs have been seen off Harold Libbey Trail near the brook. Deer continue to be present near the cell tower, up to four have been seen running south from the trails when you come over the rise.