Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The 'Outback' Trail taking shape

The new trail is taking shape and is taking on a name. The new trail will be called the 'Outback' trail and is going to bring a new exciting trail experience to all those who explore it. Our November 1st posting gives you an overview of what is on this trail. As of yesterday, the trail blazes (yellow color) were completed and the rough trail ready for exploration.

This trail is not officially open yet but for those wanting to see it, you can find the trail head by taking the Harold Libby Trail to the 'Pool' on Thayer brook. If you look across the brook you will see two yellow trail blazes that lead into the woods. You can cross the brook at its narrowest point via large stones in the water. The trail leads into the woods and junctions after about 200 feet. You can proceed in either direction and the one mile loop will bring you back to this junction. Maps will be posted next week along with trail descriptions.

What you will notice is the trail is still in need of clearing out of some small brush. We hope to get some volunteers this Saturday to finish this process so the trail can officially open in December. Call me at 657-2114 or Carl Holmquist at 657-2173 if you can help. We will be working from 8:30 to 11:30 AM and leaving from the Middle School Parking lot.

I welcome you to start exploring this new trail and post your comments here to share with others!

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