Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Climate Change and Rising Food Prices..it must be 1816

Worried about high food prices, global warming, astronomic energy prices? Learn what Libby Hill resident James Libby had to face in 1816 when it snowed 12 months of the year. See the full article from our home page at www.libbyhill.org or go directly to the article at this link. You'll never think about the old cellar hole the same way!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Who Was Harold Libbey

We see names on memorials every day and hardly give it a second thought. For a couple years now, I've wanted to know who was this guy, Harold Libbey. I finally spent and afternoon with his son and got pictures and stories about the man behind the trail. You can view all of these at this link.

The research I did on Harold has also given me connections to James Libbey and others who grew up on Libbey Hill. I hope to have more background on life on Libbey Hill in the early 1800's later this year.

Of interest is that when you Google "Harold Libbey" , the first 4 hits are all related to Libbey Hill trails! Harold is now a very famous Libbey on the Internet! It goes to show how much impact a person can have on his community. While not all of us have land to donate to public use, we can contribute to saving it. We still need $59,000 to finalize saving Libby Hill, now you can join Harold by donating what you can to keep the Libby Hill trails going!
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