Friday, November 16, 2007

Beavers are curious

About three times a week I hike out to the new Outback trail to continue trail clearing. Each day I pass by the beaver activity on Thayer brook. I discovered that indeed a new house has been built about 300 feet upstream from the crossing. On Monday I was able to observe a pair of beavers around the pool, cautiously watching my behavior. Later in the afternoon I came back and this time one beaver spent about 10 minutes slowly swimming around the pool watching me as I watched him.

On Tuesday, I decided to remove a few sticks the beavers had put in the waterfalls to see how fast they would fix it. So far (as of Wednesday) they haven't repaired it. They do seem to be working on downing a dozen large trees in the area, maybe they have a bigger dam in mind.

Now is a great time to visit the pool area on the Harold Libbey trail and see beavers in action! You won't be disappointed!
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