Sunday, November 16, 2008

A perfect dog day afternoon

Danny (the golden lab) spent her second birthday today on Libby Hill! Taking our trail tour she enjoyed chasing every stick we threw on land or in the water! While we walked 3.5 miles, we estimate she did over 10 miles in her slalom through the brush and trails. If only we could be as good as "living in the moment" as a golden lab is in the woods.! A perpetual smile was on her face at every turn. Somewhere tonight, I'm sure she is curled up dreaming of all the smells she took in and the sights she saw on her adventure on Libby Hill.

The parking lot was full at 4pm today as lots of folks hit the trails after days of drizzle. It is clear that more and more folks find the trails as they escape from the uncertainty of daily life these days. So don't be a slave to your lazy boy and big screen this winter, come out and play! Live life like a golden lab..... retrieve it!
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