Sunday, January 18, 2009

A New Year A New Opportunity

2008 was a year of constant change and turmoil. Most of us just want to get beyond and hope for a better 2009. So January brings cold and a new start. I spent a Saturday morning exploring the newly frozen bogs of Thayer brook. Here I saw dozens of deer and mouse tracks in the dry powdery snow. The temperature was about 5 degrees with a slight wind bringing the chill below zero. Yet with my snowshoes on I was very comfortable and enjoyed 2 hours of just admiring the forest of Libby Hill. The time slid by so fast I couldn't believe I had to leave soon.

We are all looking for new direction in 2009. I'd like to offer an opportunity to you if you enjoy the outdoors, giving back to the community, meeting interesting new people, seeing the fruits of your time pay off, and learning new skills. The chance I refer to is joining the "Friends of Libby Hill". Our modest organization provides an easy way to donate small or large amounts of time. We try and minimize red tape and meetings and taylor volunteer projects to an individuals preferences. I know you have thought about doing some trail work but weren't quite sure where to begin. So, here's your chance, on Monday January 26th, "Get Aquainted Night" is being sponsored by the Friends of Libby Hill. Why not drop in and see what is on the horizon for 2009 at Libby Hill. The meeting is at the Androscoggin Bank in Gray at 6:30pm. Come and see why you can make a difference and start down a new trail of discovery for 2009.
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