Monday, February 18, 2008

Lots Happening This Month

Our Full Moon Snowshoe event has been wildly popular. I have gotten over 2 dozen folks who are very excited to explore Libby Hill at night. We may schedule another full moon event in the future depending on the feedback we get from trail users. For those seeking to follow the route of the tour, a webpage will be posted later this week outlining the tour.

Meanwhile, our Orienteering course is nearing its grand opening on March 1st (at our fun day). Tracy Ross has put a tremendous effort in mapping and laying out a world class series of orienteering classes. If you are looking for a new way to get your kids interested in outdoor activities, you'll want to check out her Orienteering tent at the Fun day.

Speaking of fun, our March 1st fun day is only a week away, the full schedule is posted at . Plan your March 1st to enjoy our biggest event of the year. There are lots of fun things for all ages and interests. Activities are inside and outside depending on your taste in activities.

Yet, despite all the great things happening this month, the ice storm really put our volunteers to the test this past weekend. Hundreds of pine branches dropped on the ski trails and then froze solid on Friday blocking the snow groomer from going down the trails. With Carl Holmquist leading the charge, over 2 dozen volunteers opened the trails up enough to get the ski trails open again. Most trail users probably don't realize how much effort it takes to keep the trails going. You can help keep these volunteers motivated by supporting Libby Hill in any way you can. This may mean attending the March 1st event, volunteering, donating money, or joining our new "Friends of Libby Hill" organization.

At the end of the day though, the hill is always there. Don't let another year go by if you haven't discovered Libby Hill, this is your year!

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