Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Don't Miss This Weekend!

We have snow and weather in our favor for this weekends big event, the Libby Hill Fun Day! I have been getting emails and calls asking for directions and more information for the past 10 days. There are so many reasons for you to come by this Saturday but here are a few ideas for you.

If you have kids:
-Sign them up for the snowshoe or ski races (9-10:30am)
-Bring your own snacks or support our fundraising food vendor
-Try out a pair of snowshoes for free at the EMS tent
-Bring your sleds and snow tubes, the sliding is great, sledding games too
-learn about animal tracks (then go find them)
-learn about safety and survival in the woods
-learn about hiking 'green'
-see actual predators in a presentation
-test drive our new Orienteering course (a great activity for your family year round); classes held all day
-sign up for a guided snowshoe tour
-gather around the bonfire
-take a hay wagon ride

If you are an adult:
-do all the same stuff the kids do!
-get involved with Libby Hill
-get maps of the trails
-ask trail experts on what else you can do at Libby Hill
-join the 'Friends of Libby Hill'

Keep in mind we are sponsoring this event with a minimum of volunteers and money but we think it is a phenomenal opportunity for fun in winter. You can help by offering to volunteer or 'pay it forward' by contributing money in our contribution 'buckets'. What you do this weekend will determine future events at Libby Hill. Keep the fun coming by doing what you can do to support this special place.

Finally, I going to promote the event that I'm responsible for: "the guided snowshoe trek" which occurs from 2-4:30pm. This event is a new route (for those of you whom have been on other treks). The tour will first navigate the springs of Libby Hill and take you over 'cloud like' hummocks (see middle picture) of snow where you almost feel like you are floating over the snow. Then we get to the frozen beaver pond, an area inaccessible for most of the year (see top most photo). The next leg hits part of the Outback trail where you can plan your next adventure on your own. Then we get back to the popular Thayer brook area where we may see all sorts of tracks. Last Sunday you could see where a beaver came out of the water through the ice and bellied up the bank to look for bark....very cool (see bottom photo).

You can see over 20 photos of the trek at our photo album area at this link .

This tour has only 20 slots so please register at the information booth if you want to reserve your spot. You should bring some water and be prepared for an intermediate snowshoe hike of 2.5 miles. We will stop frequently and give everyone lots of time to socialize on the tour.

So if you like indoor or outdoor events, I'm sure you'll find something fun to do this weekend at Libby Hill, see you there!

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