Sunday, February 3, 2008

530 Reasons Why January Was Great

We aren't exactly Google or but we think our website does a good job helping us spread the word about Libby Hill Forest Trails. I keep track of our web activity each month and last fall decided to step up web features and increase publicity about Libby Hill. Typically over the past 2 years, about 180 unique people a month check out our website. In October we had our best month of 270 unique people due to a front page article in the local paper. However, the good early snow combined, monthly trail events, and posted current trail conditions have made January 2008 our best month so far at 530 unique visitors to our website!

It's often hard to gauge how much usage our trails get. We have noticed that weekends are busier and we anecdotally see more and more folks out on the trails. While certainly the website views don't translate into trail users, it is a good barometer that the word is getting out that Libby Hill Trails are a great resource in Gray! We also know that the places people go most are:

  • Trail Blog (current conditions)
  • Trail Maps
  • Snowshoe Guide
  • Trail Guide
  • Contact Us
  • Trails Nearby
  • Events
  • How You Can Help
  • Snowmobile Trail Maps
In particular I have been most happy that the maps and trail guides have been viewed hundreds of times per month. It's kind of like "if you build it they will come" philosophy but without the web stats I really wouldn't know if anyone ever got to read it.

So we are at the 'half time' of the winter, with some warm temperatures and a dearth of snow. Time is on our side though, with our biggest snow months ahead so while we all pause to enjoy another 2 months of winter sports, give some thoughts about what you like about Libby Hill Trails. What do you like most about the webpage? What would you like to see added? Do you have some good pictures of the trail? Would you consider sharing them with us? Would you like to help keep the momentum of Libby Hill Trails moving forward? Could you volunteer some time? Give us your thoughts via at or click the 'comment' box on this entry in the blog. Libby Hill Trails wants your ideas and your help!

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