Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nature Tour Today!

Hopefully you can join us today for our Winter Nature Snowshoe tour! Yesterday I went up late in the afternoon to lay down a trail through the woods for the tour. I was very fortunate to meet my little friend shown in the picture at the right. This hairy woodpecker was very intersted in extracting sap from a small beech tree. At first I was about 50 feet away but slowly I was able to get within 15 feet and get a fairly good picture. He was determined to continue feeding on whatever he had found. If you want to see all the photos of this little guy, see the slide show at :

If you do join us today, please visit here and leave a 'comment' on what you thought. The comment area is at the bottom of this entry and if you hit the word 'comment' you can leave an 'anonymous' comment.

On our website I will also post some good nature books recommended by Caryl Widdowson. We will also be adding a nature/wildlife section to our website soon where you can track and post where wildlife is being seen on Libby Hill! Caryl has also volunteered to be our resident naturalist and field any nature questions you might want to send in. All this should be added in the next 10 days to!

If you miss our event we will have another Nature tour at our March 1st Fun Day! We can also arrange custom tours for groups, contact us if you have interest in a tour .
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