Thursday, January 10, 2008

Don't Let the Thaw Keep you on the Couch!

Warm conditions this week have taken our ideal ski conditions to late spring conditions in 4 days. Don't be discouraged though as cooling temperatures should allow for a rough up grooming this weekend to provide adequate skiing. Luckily our trail design combined with less open field exposure gives the trails versatility when we have these temperature swings.

Snowshoers who want to attend our Jan 12th event are still in luck. We will hold the tour since there will still be nearly a foot of snow in the woods despite the heat and rain. The tour gives you a taste of our marked trails and also some off trail rambling to view some areas you probably haven't seen yet on Libby Hill. If you do plan to snowshoe this weekend, be easy on the ski trails by staying to the far side of the groomed trails on your way up to the Harold Libbey Trail.

If you want to try snowshoeing this weekend we still have 5 pairs of snowshoes available to use on our guided tour. Winter will be back next week so don't wait to get off the couch, the fun is out there!

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