Sunday, September 21, 2008

Signs of the times

In the past week, 4 new signs have popped up around Libby Hill. The new fund raising sign that now resides on the corner of Libby Hill Road and Route 26 will tell our story to over 16,800 cars every day! Designed by Shelly Holmquist with her famous Libby Hill logo and a new twisting trail icon to the top of the hill, this new sign is very attractive. It still amazes me that a majority of the residents of Gray still don't know where Libby Hill is. Despite the fact it is almost at the geographic center of town and just about everyone looks at it every day, they don't know what it is called. While we have been working on some DOT signage on Route 26 for over 6 months, we decided that we couldn't wait until the bureaucracy caught up to our need to let folks know where we are!

Meanwhile, back at our parking lot, which has recently been paved and had lines painted, we had a need to guide trail users to the trail heads. We needed some street signage that we could afford and get produced quickly. Luckily we found assistance from the Penobscot County Sherriff's department's Community Works program. This program has jail prisoners produce high quality street signage at a minimal cost for municipalities. With only a week's lead time, we were able to obtain 4 inch reflective lettered signs in blue and white. They now let trail users know where the parking lot and main trail head is located.

Our fund raising campaign to finalize the purchase of our critical 29 acre parcel is in full gear. We need your pledge of $50 to $100 or more to make Libby Hills forever a public space. We are reaching out to trail users over the next month, please do all you can to help!
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