Sunday, August 3, 2008

Who Was Harold Libbey

We see names on memorials every day and hardly give it a second thought. For a couple years now, I've wanted to know who was this guy, Harold Libbey. I finally spent and afternoon with his son and got pictures and stories about the man behind the trail. You can view all of these at this link.

The research I did on Harold has also given me connections to James Libbey and others who grew up on Libbey Hill. I hope to have more background on life on Libbey Hill in the early 1800's later this year.

Of interest is that when you Google "Harold Libbey" , the first 4 hits are all related to Libbey Hill trails! Harold is now a very famous Libbey on the Internet! It goes to show how much impact a person can have on his community. While not all of us have land to donate to public use, we can contribute to saving it. We still need $59,000 to finalize saving Libby Hill, now you can join Harold by donating what you can to keep the Libby Hill trails going!
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