Friday, April 25, 2008

Shifting Seasons...Trails are ready!

Lots of people think Libby Hill Trails are just for skiiing. The secret is, the trails are truly a four season destination and if you go out this weekend you can see why it is so special. I made two trips out to check how the spring melt was progressing. Ten days ago I had to wear snowshoes but when I went out on April 18th and 20th, I found 99% of the snow gone. The higher up the hill you go the less snow you'll find.

If you want a great spring walk, try the Moose Odyssey trail with an optional loop on Deer Run. You'll see yellow warblers flitting between young pine trees and if you cross a sunny spot you may see a garter snake sunnying themselves (see photo). Our new trail stewards are removing small branches that have fallen into the trails. You can help by tossing any branches into the woods when you come across them.

If you want more adventure, then go out on the Harold Libbey and Outback trails. We found a wood thrush calling to us from the culvert area on Harold Libbey and also heard many birds in the distance. When we took a rest at Porcupine Rock on the Outback we heard a Barred Owl about 100 feet off the trail. Also high above a nearby pine tree a large hawk (broadtail ?) was hovering and calling frequently screeching . We think there be a nest nearby. We also came across a pile of deer fur by Moose point. I looked about 40 feet off trail and found a complete deer carcass with just fur and bones remaining. You can do your own CSI investigation but be aware it may be graphic for children.

At Thayer Brook, the beavers continue to craft works of art with very detailed carvings. See our spring photo show to see it all.

If you can, take some time and sit high up on the esker view of the beaver pond and watch for wildlife. You'll really enjoy the strong sun, sounds of birds, and come to know that Libby Hill has so much to offer after the snow goes!
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